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Always use a Master!

"The Funding Master"

C2 Financial Corporation

Placing your loan with "The Funding Master" not only gets you a great rate, for a great price, but the BEST customer service! 

Our success is based on our track record!

Karen Lyn Keyser, Sr. Mortgage Advisor & Retirement Mortgage Specialist. NMLS #238676 | CA DRE #01348153 | ID #MLO-2080238676 Company: C2 Financial C2 NMLS #135622 | C2 CA DRE #1821025 | C2 ID #MBL-9475

What is Your Loan Scenario?

Every client's needs are unique. When it comes to choosing the best option for your needs, trust the master.

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Years of Experience


Realtor Partners

Residential Real Estate Mortgages

Simplifying Your Real Estate Journey
 The Funding Master specializes in ALL Residential Real Estate Mortgages.
This includes Purchases, Refinances, Second/HELOC loans, Construction, Rehabilitation and specialty loan products.

Whether this is your first home purchase, or you are a seasoned investor, The Funding Master makes the mortgage process simple and smooth.


Refinancing is the process of paying off your existing mortgage with a new mortgage.

Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is a loan available to a homeowner 62 or older to tap into the equity in their homes via a lump sum, monthly payment, or a line of credit.


The Home Buying Process

Simplifying Your Real Estate Journey

Are you thinking about buying a new house, condo or townhome?

Whether you are upgrading, downsizing or investing, if you intend on borrowing the funds

you’ll need to be pre-approved for a mortgage before your home search begins.


Once you are Pre-Approved,

we will take you to the next step on your home loan journey

About The Funding Master

Who am I? Why this profession? How did I get here?
Here’s the 411!

In San Diego, California, I obtained my Real Estate sales license in 2001 and my Real Estate Broker’s License in 2006, and thus began my career as a Loan Originator. I began by teaming up with a progressive and reputable mortgage company which shared office space with Certified Financial Planners, Financial Advisors and Tax Preparers. Prior to acquiring my license in Real Estate, I moonlighted as a Certified Tax Preparer, in the same office, from 1994-2009. I worked for that private firm for over 15 years.


My “Life” experience comes from a career dedicated to public service. I am a retired San Diego Police Detective. I spent over 18 years standing up for and protecting the rights of others. Unfortunately, life threw me a curve ball and a serious health issue. I had to decide how I could best apply my investigative skillset, my passion for justice and a purpose of service. I have always stood for ethics, honesty, and integrity. My word has always been my bond. You might say I have an “old school” perspective.

When I began to work in the private sector of the mortgage industry, I soon realized that there was a wide disconnect between what professionals in the field promised, and what was actually delivered. I was astounded to find the level of unscrupulous business practices that drew a sharp contrast to the values and ethics which I held to be true. Words like honesty, integrity, reliability, and credibility are NOT just sales slogans, but rather a foundation for a life dedicated to public service. I had found my new purpose!

  This brought me to the conclusion that I needed to raise the bar on "Professionalism” within the industry. Don’t misunderstand me, there were and continue to be, exceptional Loan Originators in this business. We all unfortunately have often been over-shadowed by the horrific practices of the “bad seeds” in the industry.

 For the past 23 years I have strived to maintain the highest level of customer service. I work for my clients with the ought-most of transparency and endeavor to stand on their side; fighting for their rights to ensure they are given what they were promised and expected. The quality of my service speaks for itself. My clients are relational and generational. They refer their friends and family to me because they “TRUST” me to take care of them, as if they are my own family. I hold that near and dear to my heart and I don’t take that TRUST lightly.

 My background, as a successful sexual assault detective, does set me apart from the standard Loan Originator. I took my sworn oath and obligation “To Protect and Serve” very seriously. I realize that I am responsible for making sure the hard-earned money and the dreams of my clients are not diminished or destroyed. This business requires an aptitude for investigative skill, high regard for level of care and attention to detail, to ensure the financial well-being of the client remains protected.

I endeavor to establish collaborative relationships with other financial professionals, to ensure our mutual clients are receiving the BEST guidance in Financial Wellness; education is key! I believe it is my fiduciary responsibility to educate all clients on all aspects of the mortgage loan process. I enjoy collaborative teaching and public speaking on the subject matter.

I view and treat each loan as an opportunity to make things right for the consumer; to get the job done right, close the deal on time and to deliver what is expected…


I am the Funding Master!


I currently reside in Star, Idaho. I moved here in 2018, with my husband of 30 years, also a retired San Diego Police Detective, and our 2 French Bulldogs. We love life in Idaho! We enjoy travelling all over the world, but we really love Mexico! We are blessed with three sons, all of whom are very successful professionals. Two reside in Europe and the third in San Francisco. I am a “workout fiend.” I run on my Bowflex elliptical but prefer working out with all my Besties, at “Pure Barre Eagle.” Mark and I love working out, hiking, playing “at” golf…LOL, dining out and visiting new places!

I look forward to meeting with you!!

Don’t forget, “Call the Master!” Cheers to Good Health and a Happy Life!




Carol Traylor

Karen did a tremendous job with our Clients’ loan and closing situation.

The timing was everything, as it was a contiguous closing, and the loan process needed to be quick. It was fast, and smooth and you communicated every step of the way.


Karen has a hands-on effort and making things happen the way that they needed to, in order to create a seamless transaction.

I’d recommend and refer her all day long!

Kevin and Susan E.

Karen is by far the best funding person I have ever worked with. We were referred to her a few years back for a refi on our mortgage. She got us a super low rate and it went very smoothly.


When we decided to sell our home in Encinitas and move to Palm Desert, we used her again. Her attention to detail is outstanding. Her communication is outstanding. The paperwork/Docu-Sign can be intimidating, but she walked us through every step of the process. She committed so much of her time to us to make sure that we understood everything.


Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about Karen and her company. We would use her again in a heartbeat.

Dan Northcutt

My experience working with Karen Keyser has been consistently excellent.

In a real estate transaction, the lender’s knowledge, experience, and availability are imperative to get an offer accepted and the transaction closed, especially in a competitive market. Karen has regularly made herself available to me and our clients on weekends as well as before and after regular business hours. I really appreciate that.

I also appreciate Karen’s depth of knowledge of loan products and the ever-changing market. On numerous occasions, Karen has brainstormed with me strategizing best practices and tricks of the trade to get our buyers in front of the competition. Once we do go to escrow it feels great knowing the loan is in good hands because that is where most transactions fall apart.

It is with total confidence I recommend Karen to buyers and/or agents looking for a hardworking, knowledgeable team member.


Products & Services



This is what would be referred to as a “Traditional” home loan.


This loan is for Veterans who are eligible to receive their Veteran Benefits. This loan is also a Government Insured loan. There is NO down payment required in most transactions. There is NO Monthly Mortgage Insurance.


Is a Government home loan product. This loan is available to anyone who qualifies for their Primary residence. It is NOT used for Investment properties. It can be used in a Purchase or Refinance transaction. This loan DOES have “Upfront” Mortgage Insurance and Monthly Mortgage Insurance.  This loan only requires a 3.5% Down payment.

Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is a loan available to a homeowner 62 or older to tap into the equity in their homes via a lump sum, monthly payment, or a line of credit.


Government insured loan used in the Rural areas of the County. It is a 100% loan, no Down Payment is required. The qualifications are similar to FHA.


Specialty Loan Products
Portfolio Products
FHA 203K / Rehab / Remodel
FNMA Home Path
Cross-Collateral / Bridge Loans
Asset Depletion & Asset Assignment

Contact The Funding Master


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Karen Keyser

Sr. Mortgage Advisor

Tel: (760)803-2075
NMLS #238676 | CA DRE #01348153 | ID #MLO-2080238676

C2 Financial Corporation

(858) 736-0010

C2 NMLS #135622 | C2 CA DRE #1821025 | C2 ID #MBL-9475 

C2 Financial Corporation has the ability to broker VA loans based on their relationship with VA approved lenders. C2 Financial Corporation is not acting on behalf of or at the direction of HUD/FHA or the VA

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