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Our Clients

Our clients are consumers who are looking for a residential real estate mortgage. They may be a first time home buyer, a “moving up” buyer or an experienced investor. They come from all social and economical backgrounds. They are transacting in the State of California and the loan amounts are over $200,000.00.

Our most successful clients are interested in making the best mortgage decision for their financial well being.  They recognize the importance of a well qualified and trusted Mortgage professional. They expect and appreciate our desire to educate and inform them throughout the process. They demand the most up to date industry knowledge, information and professional service. They expect performance, delivery, communication, clarity and transparency.

Our most common clients are the “referred clients” from their CPA, Financial Planner, Stock Broker, Attorney or Trusted advisor. They come to us to be treated as “preferred” and they receive the same quality of professionalism they expect from their other financial advisors. These clients appreciate the collaborative effort of all of their financial advisors working from the same page of information to derive the best financial result for the client.

Our clients and affiliate partners appreciate our ability to deliver cutting edge knowledge, honesty, integrity, direct and expeditious communication, follow- up and above all; our ability to fund loans on time and as agreed upon.

Our Expectations

Due to the nature of our business; volatility in market rates, fluctuation in economic conditions and current trends in underwriting guidelines, it is essential our clients work “with us” throughout the process.  In order for us to provide the highest quality of service, close on time as expected and deliver the best professional experience we strive for, we expect the following from all of our clients:

  •  Quick to provide the up-front documentation as requested in the initial contact.

  • Timely response to all requests for follow up documentation.

  • Full disclosure about all questions and concerns as requested in the initial application. If you think we should know about it, please disclose it. It is better to know upfront than to find out at a critical point in the transaction and have little opportunity to fix it or prepare for it.

  • Clients are computer savvy or have access to someone who is. They maintain an active email account and know how to use it. The majority of our communication from start to finish is conducted via email, fax and phone.  All required lender documentation and disclosures are now processed digitally and sent via email. There is very little “traditional mail” throughout a transaction.

  • Clients provide their “preferred” means of contact. We wish to connect with you whichever is the easiest and fastest for you to receive and respond.

Our Motto

M is for Mortgage                   The best mortgage fit to meet the client’s needs.

A is for Action                         We are fast and efficient! We get the job done as expected.

S is for Service                        We pride ourselves on meeting or exceeding the clients’ expectations for service.

T is for Transparency            We will always show you ALL fees and you will always know what to expect. No surprises!

E is for Experts                       We are very Effective Experts. There is no guess work. We are all well educated and certified

                                                   at the highest level in our industry. We strive for excellence!

R is for Reliable                      We provide Reliable communication. The clients are always kept informed and updated.

                                                   We are very fast to respond to all questions and concerns.

Karen Keyser-74.jpg

Karen Keyser

Sr. Mortgage Advisor / Broker Associate

Tel: (208) 908-0190
DRE # 1348153  NMLS # 238676


Capital Loan Associates

Tel: (858) 376-0404

NMLS # 344836
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