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What does “MASTER” mean

in the mortgage profession?

“M”    Mortgage


The loan instrument used to facilitate the “Funding” of a Real Estate transaction.

What benefit is it to work with a Mortgage professional if they can’t get the deal funded? The entire success of the transaction is predicated on the funding.  Don’t just look for a Mortgage Professional or Loan Officer because they offer you the best rate or they’re your friend or the “friend of a friend”. LOOK for the professional service that gets the loan funded, on time, done legally and the right way, the first time! This is the LARGEST debt obligation/ transaction you will ever be involved in…why shop for the cheapest or who you know? Get the professional who knows what they are doing, will do the right job for you and have your best interest in mind. Get a TRUSTED ADVISOR!


“A”        ACTION


A superior mortgage professional is proactive, playing in the field and ready to move quickly and expeditiously and always working on moving the file forward, when the client and transaction require them to do so. There is NO TIME during a real estate transaction for a mortgage professional to procrastinate and be non-communicative and unsure of what they are doing. This is an action oriented business. Require the most from your Mortgage Professional.


“S”      SERVICE


A true professional believes in customer service. The process in a mortgage transaction, although complicated and tiresome, should not be a great burden on the client. The professional should do their best to prepare the client for the type of transaction they are entering into, so they know what to expect throughout the process. It should be “seamless”.




The mortgage industry lacks transparency as a whole. This is an injustice to the consumer. There should NEVER be secrets about how a loan is constructed, what it will cost and how the mortgage professional gets paid.  ALL lending transactions should have full disclosure. Always look for the mortgage professional that is willing to spend the time to educate the consumer about the process and provide true and honest information throughout the transaction.




The mortgage professional of 2012 should be a VERY efficient, effective and a knowledgeable EXPERT; current on the trends in their field as well as the ever changing markets on Wall Street. There is no room and no time for mistakes in this business. Mistakes made from lack of investigative skill or due to laziness, can be an expensive and troublesome endeavor for the consumer.



It is IMPERATIVE that the mortgage professional be Reliable and Communicative throughout the transaction.  If the consumer or real estate agent cannot get necessary information in a timely manner to complete forms correctly, stay informed and make crucial, timely decisions, the transaction can fall apart and cause the client to have expensive costs and delays and or lose their position on the property altogether. This statement is provided to the consumer who wants to make the best decision in choosing the right professional to handle their mortgage transaction.

Always require they be a MASTER of their profession. Nothing less!

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Karen Keyser

Sr. Mortgage Advisor / Broker Associate

Tel: (208)908-0190
DRE # 1348153  NMLS # 238676


Capital Loan Associates

Tel: (858) 376-0404

NMLS # 344836
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