Reverse Mortgages: Now Your Home Can Pay You!

Reverse Mortgage Letter

Karen Lyn Keyser
The Funding Master

Now Your Home Can Pay You Monthly

If you are a senior feeling the squeeze of rising living costs and stagnant income levels, you are not alone.As a matter of fact, the following quote from a senior association says it all-

The Senior Citizens League said older Americans have lost 32% of their buying power since 2000. This is because the Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment has gone up just 31% since that year, while typical expenses have jumped 73%.

Most seniors have tightened their belts as much as they can and many are going back to work or delaying retirement just to survive.Meanwhile, many seniors do not understand that the equity they have built up in their homes can be a long-term solution to their issue.

You may have heard about a “reverse” mortgage but may not understand what this innovative mortgage product sponsored by the government can do for you. A reverse mortgage can not only eliminate your present monthly mortgage payment but also provide you with a long-term income stream for the rest of your life.

If you have equity in your home and you are interested in implementing a solution that could put you ahead of the curve with regard to rising costs, we can provide you with a free analysis of your eligibility for a reverse mortgage and whether such a solution would be suitable for you.

In addition, we have a free Special Report available, The New Reverse Mortgage Solution. Just call or email and I will forward this report to you.

I look forward to educating you.

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