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 The Funding Master specializes in ALL Residential Real Estate Mortgages. This includes Purchases, Refinances, Second/ HELOC s loans, Construction, Rehabilitation and specialty loan products.

Conventional:  This is what would be referred to as a “Traditional” home loan.

FHA:  Is a Government home loan product. This loan is available to anyone who qualifies for their Primary residence. It is NOT used for Investment properties. It can be used in a Purchase or Refinance transaction. This loan DOES have “Upfront” Mortgage Insurance and Monthly Mortgage Insurance.  This loan only requires a 3.5% Down payment.

VA:  This loan is for Veterans who are eligible to receive their Veteran Benefits. This loan is also a Government Insured loan. There is NO down payment required in most transactions. There is NO Monthly Mortgage Insurance.

USDA:  This is a Government insured loan used in the Rural areas of the County. It is a 100% loan, no Down Payment is required. The qualifications are similar to FHA.

HARP:  This is the Home Affordable Refinance Program. Currently your loan MUST be owned by either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to qualify. The loan MUST have been sold BEFORE June 2009. This loan enables home owners who are UPSIDE DOWN in their mortgages to refinance regardless of current market value.

There are many specialty loan products in the Mortgage Market, to include the following:

  •  Portfolio Products
  • FHA 203K/ Rehab/Remodel
  • FNMA Home Path
  • Cross-Collateral/ Bridge Loans
  • Asset Depletion and Asset Assignment