Do You Need A Mortgage Check Up?

Your Mortgage Checkup

Karen Lyn Keyser
The Funding Master

Is It Time For A Mortgage Checkup?

You have heard it time and time again. Visiting your doctor for regular medical checkups is important for your long-term health. With regard to achieving your long-term financial goals, it is as important to focus on your long term financial health. A regular mortgage checkup can go a long way to help you achieve long-term financial fitness.

A mortgage checkup is designed to see if you can achieve one or more of the following financial benefits:

Take advantage of record low interest rates to increase your cash flow.
Convert an adjustable-rate mortgage to a safe fixed-rate loan.
Use today’s low rates to build-up equity in your home more quickly with terms ranging from 20 to 10 years.
Use equity in your home to increase cash flow by consolidating debts or to undertake renovation projects which will enhance your home’s value.
Consolidate a first and second mortgage to save money and simplify your home’s financing.
Use the value of your home to eliminate costly mortgage insurance payments.

Call today for a complimentary Mortgage checkup. It is an easy way to ensure your most significant asset is helping you achieve your financial goals.

With over twenty years of industry experience, I will analyze current market trends and make customized recommendations based upon your specific needs.

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