About Me

My Story

I obtained my real estate license in 2001 and thus began my adventure as a Loan Originator by teaming up with a progressive and reputable mortgage company located in San Diego.  Prior to acquiring my license in real estate, I was a Certified Tax Preparer from 1994-2009.  I worked for a private firm in San Diego for over 15 years.

My life experience came from a career dedicated to public service. I am a retired San Diego Police Detective. I spent 18 years standing up for and protecting the rights of others. I have always stood for ethics, honesty, and integrity. My word has always been my bond. You might say I am “old school”.

When I began to work in the private sector of the mortgage industry, I soon realized that there was a wide disconnect between what professionals in the field advocated and what was actually delivered to a client.

I was astounded to find the level of unscrupulous business practices that drew a sharp contrast to the values and ethics which I held to be true. The core values that I brought to the financial world were instilled in me as a child and reinforced while working as an officer for the San Diego Police Department.  Words like honesty, integrity, reliability, and credibility were not just sales slogans but rather my foundation for a life dedicated to public service.

I witnessed unprincipled and dishonest business practices that were sold to the consumer as “Good Customer Service” and “Quality Loan Origination”. This brought me to the conclusion that I needed to raise the bar on “Professionalism” within the industry. Don’t get me wrong, there were and are today, exceptional Loan Originators in this business. We all unfortunately have been over shadowed by the horrific practices of the “bad seeds” in the industry.

For the past 11 years I have strived to maintain the highest level of customer service.  I work for my clients with the ought-most of transparency and endeavor to stand on their side; fighting for their rights to ensure they are given what they were promised and expected. The quality of my service speaks for itself. My clients refer their friends and family to me because they “TRUST” me to take care of them as if they are my own. I hold that near and dear to my heart and I don’t take that TRUST lightly.

My background, having worked as a detective, does set me apart from the Loan Origination pack.  I spent 12 successful years as a detective and 9 of those years working for the rights of sexual assault victims.  I know firsthand what it means to be held “Accountable” to the highest degree. When case sensitive incidents are “botched up” or not completed on time, heinous criminals are set free and more innocent people are put at risk.

I took my sworn oath and obligation “To Protect and Serve” very seriously.  I believe not wearing a badge currently does not relieve me of that oath and responsibility; it continues to this day, it is just a part of who I am.  I realize that I am responsible for making sure the hard earned money and the dreams of my clients are not diminished or ruined. This business requires an aptitude for investigative skill, high regard for level of care and attention to detail to ensure the financial wellbeing of the client remains protected.

I view and treat each loan as an opportunity to make things right for the consumer; to get the job done right, close the deal on time and to deliver what is expected.

I am the Funding Master!!