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Karen Keyser

Are loans these days, really that hard to get funded? The true story!

You have heard from the media “Home Loans are so hard to get! Nobody qualifies any longer. Banks don’t want to lend their money. How does anyone get a loan?”

Real Estate agents complain all the time “that lender” who didn’t get the loan funded on time; their borrowers had to pay “per diem” fees to the short sale lender; the seller ended up in Foreclosure because the loan couldn’t get funded and the deal fell out of escrow; the buyers spent all this upfront money for inspections and appraisals and then the loan fell apart and they lost their money and their dream home!”

These are sad but true situations that occur all too often in today’s lending market.

A lack of knowledge, attention to detail, strategic planning, fast and reliable communication are all causes for these sad and preventable circumstances.

What IF the Loan Originator….handled each transaction like an “Investigation” and caught every detail and nuance of the deal?

“Taking the time it takes on the front end, takes less time on the back end”.

Unfortunately most Loan Originators feel hurried when pre-qualifying a prospective borrower. They easily give away their “approvals” without taking the necessary time to:

  • Ask enough questions!!
  • Look at ALL of the borrower(s) COMPLETE financial and credit profiles.
  • They take for granted information they did not obtain or ask about…they “assume”…and we all know where that goes!
  • Properly prepare the Real Estate agent on what they need to know on behalf of the borrower.
  • Property types, financing rules, values, etc.
  • Properly inform the borrower(s) what is expected of them throughout the process.
  • Check with a “well qualified lending Underwriter” on ANY and ALL POSSIBLE issues that could arise BEFORE the borrower is in escrow and expected to perform.
  • Have a lender “pre-selected” for the borrower’s loan. A strategic Loan Originator will get any “questionable” loan file pre-approved directly with a lender’s underwriter. This speeds up the loan approval process and reduces the number of issues that could arise in escrow.

Working with The “Funding Master” is a guaranty to a great “Funding” experience!

Getting the best rate or best fees or working with your best friend, doesn’t get your loan funded! If you had the been lucky enough to catch the market just right…and you “scored” locking in the “unheard of” rate of 2.5% on a 30 year fixed!…NO POINTS!..WOW! But what if the loan doesn’t fund?

What if the loan has unforeseen complications and the rate expires? What good was that rate? Now you are not only out that great rate but the whole deal and your hard earned money with it!

Placing your loan with the Funding Master not only gets you a great rate for a great price, BUT YOU GET YOUR LOAN FUNDED! On time and without any additional costs! Our success is based on our track record.

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